Sunday, 17 September 2017

Closed till Thursday 28th September

Closed till Thursday 28/9/2017.

Going for a quick drive & should have some interesting plants when I return.


Monday, 10 July 2017

Alcantarea winter special.

Winter Alcantarea Special.

Sold Out!!!!

Spring is here and the plants have all gone!

$60 / plant

Buy 4 or more @ $50 each.

Plants are a mixture of imperialis, imperialis rubra, glaziouana & extensa in 270mm pots.

Cash on collection from The Niche Nursery, Thirroul.
See our Blogger profile for details.

14 plants left as of the 28th June,
mostly rubras.

Now down to 5 rubras & 2 glaziouanas as of 24/8/2017, from 20 at the start. Nice plants selling well.

Red tones are now coming into the foliage as the plants respond to winter sun. Looking good.

Follow the photo dates & note the colour change.







Monday, 12 December 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas.

Here are a few Christmas gift ideas from The Niche.

We will be trading right through the week before Xmas, from Thursday 15th till Saturday 24th (Christmas Eve).


Air plants (Tillandsia) mounted on hand made pots from Black Cat Potters.

These pots are a discontinued item; last chance!


Also available on natural wood:-


Tillandsia wreaths:-



Agave plants, cacti & other succulents in ceramic pots.


Remember, terracotta matches all decor.



Marantas in Chinese pots for indoors:-


Don't forget Chain Of Hearts & String Of Pearls:-


Bonsai for all levels of skill:-



Blue Water Lily in a ribbed planter surrounded by lizard houses from Black Cat potters:-




Magnifica Gardenias in 300mm pots; just starting to bloom:-



Don't forget our ever popular Moon Planting Astrological Calendars for 2017, available in limited numbers for $12 each, while stocks last.

 Reopening on Wednesday 28th of December.

Merry Xmas, Summer Solstice & Happy New Year!



Wednesday, 31 August 2016

A Quick Trip to Jack & Tams'.

I managed to get away last week for a quick trip up the coast to Port Macquarie. The Niche closed on the Monday to give me an extra day & make the whole journey less of a rush. The idea was to buy & look at some stock for growing on & future sale, as well as do something a bit different from my normal routine.
 First stop on the Tuesday was a search for Blue Waterlily on the north side of Port. I had seen these years ago thriving in dish drains beside the road; a bit of searching soon tracked down some accessible plants & 4 were collected with the help of a spade along with some careful footwork.
 Next on the list were bromeliads. Jack & Tamera specialise in Vrieseas, my personal favourites. Tamera is the marketer, Jack does the breeding & the growing is done between them. Together they make a formidable pair & have produced some outstanding plants, both species & hybrids, with many registered crosses.
 Here are a few photos from their greenhouses:-
Some fabulous Cryptanthus; great for terrariums.
This is a Guzmannia species:-

Wide shots through the greenhouses showing mostly Vrieseas:-

Here are some photos of a few outstanding individual plants:-
Vriesea 'Party Dress':-
Vriesea 'Incan Warrior':-
 Vr. 'Ferny Forest' X ' Melissa Dilling'
A beautiful hybrid with pastel tones:-
Vriesea 'Rainbow Beach':-
 Vriesea 'Lolly Shop' showing variegation:-
 Seedling flats:-
Seedlings purchased:-
These will be grown on for later sale.
The good news is that many of the plants I have potted on from autumn 2015 are now up for sale. Here are a few examples:-

 I have selected out the crosses that appeal most to my eye; they will be available for future purchase as they throw pups.
Thanks to Jack & Tamera for allowing me to photograph their magnificent collection.
All the best for the upcoming growing season,
P.S:- A belated thank you to Telani Kumar for her link to this blog in her post for Weekend Notes, "A Day Trip To Thirroul".